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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is an animated film, a comic about the childhood of many generations. Do you like this famous comic? Have you ever considered having the same power as Song Gu, Piccolo? Replaced from the movie, this game debuted at GDC. There are many Dragon Ball games, but few games attract many players. If you think Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best game, maybe Dragon Ball Legends will change its mind.
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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is an animated film, a comic about the childhood of many generations. Do you like this famous comic? Have you ever considered having the same power as Song Gu, Piccolo? Replaced from the movie, this game debuted at GDC. There are many Dragon Ball games, but few games attract many players. If you think Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best game, maybe Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK will change its mind.

Dragon Ball Legend follows the original story. This cartoon tells the story of the adventure of Matsutani and his friends in search of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. Along the way, he kept repeating to become stronger, punishing the bad guys. After all, he is a warrior who protects the world from destruction.


Additional Information

App Name Dragon Ball Legends
Developed By Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Latest Version v4.18.3
Size 110M
MOD Features High Damage, All Sub Quests Completed
Worldwide Downloads 100 Million+
Root Required? No
Platform Android, iOS
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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK


Gameplay Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

As for the game, the Dragon Ball Legend Hack APK will take you to a 1v1 format combined with a range of real-time battle and combat maps. The cards represent the character’s abilities. Each card contains original attacks and random Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. You need to collect enough seven dragon balls to activate the best hegemony of the character and to produce significant effects.

In this playground, each player will fight as a team of three selected characters from Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK World. You can use remote or remote technologies to implement the combat system using the on-screen maps. In addition, players can perform powerful combo attacks by activating a series of cards. When one character is defeated each time, the next will take his place naturally. The winner is the one who defeats all three fighters of the opposing team. The game controls are relatively simple. For mobile devices or tablets, this is relatively optimal. You can quickly get used to manipulating other opponents, but becoming a master is an unconventional story. Dragon Ball Legend has two main modes: offline and PVP.

Unlike other games, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK abilities are unlocked through the card system, allowing you to combine several abilities. Don’t worry, collecting all the skills will not be difficult for you.

Beautiful graphics, close drawing:

When you start playing Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK, everyone will be impressed by the elements that this game brings. These include beautiful graphics that everyone will love. The game has beautiful images that everyone will like because they can help them dive into the world of famous anime. At the same time, a familiar character reappears in front of the player, determining the desire to explore.

With familiar shots, any player can see familiar characters from the series of movie games. Therefore, it is completely consistent and helps you satisfy your love for this movie. At the same time, players will gradually have access not only to the screen but also to the experience. Since then, close to the role I like.

In this game, players will observe the characters from a third perspective while two characters face each other. Players can move and attack opponents. At the same time, in this perspective, you can fully see the wonderful abilities and attacks of the characters that the player controls. Thus, they are completely immersed in the peace and competition brought by this game. You will move from one game to another.

Collect And Update Characters To Become Strong

We offer a cast of characters that will attract any player and that will satisfy the wishes of all fans of the series. Players will recombine typical characters from the series, such as DBZ, DBGT, and DBS. Moreover, these characters are not only the main characters but also famous villains like Frieza or Cell. Therefore, it is also important to find a strong role.

When you get the role you want, your next task is not only to supervise them but also to engage them in fierce battles. At the same time, the game(Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK) will be more challenging, requiring players to be strong enough to fight. One of the elements that everyone needs is to increase the power of each character. This is a time and effort-consuming process.

Summon System Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

This system is the most effective way to get new characters. It requires players to utilize Chrono Crystals, a premium game currency Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK, to acquire any of the sought-after characters from the game.
While you cannot use existing characters, they will be helpful later when you upgrade your players to Z Power level. In addition, you can unlock new characters after finishing stories.

These tasks are usually time-limited and reward an enormous sum in Z Power to specific characteristics associated with the event once you have completed the first task or completed the quest for the event. The tasks are typically simple, for example, fighting the same character ten times. Make sure you always check the daily assignments and attempt to defeat the most powerful characters as many as you can.

The game provides a good time for fun:

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK brings you a completely accessible game that everyone will love. At the same time, players will fully immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK and take part in interesting competitions. In addition, they will not be able to ignore the beautiful combinations that any character can show. Thus, this game will bring you a pleasant experience and entertainment over time.

Features Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Implement lockable characters:

In all original versions of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK, whether it’s comics, animation, or video games, it will be boring to see new characters with unique abilities from time to time. They always appear in the twists of the plot. Dragon Ball Legend is no exception, as it offers players more and more characters to unlock for training and fighting.

Unfortunately, you can’t just use regular transactions to unlock the numbers you want. Sometimes you will need a lot of luck or even a lot of tasks to win the rewards of the desired character.

Convocation system
This system is the main way to get new roles. This requires players to use high-end time and space crystals in Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK to play any desired role in the game.

Although you can also ignore the roles you already have, they can be useful when upgrading existing roles to Z Power. In addition, you can unlock new characters by completing events in the story.

New Characters Can Be Unlocked:

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK brings all the characters in the original comic book. You can encounter the characters from your childhood straight away. Furthermore, players must complete their tasks to get the characters they desire in the game. Be aware that you cannot use the money to purchase characters or trade to other players. Take your time to complete all the challenges and look at the luck element to be rewarded during the game.
This quest-based system will be available continually throughout Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK and be altered over a specified period of time. You can alter the duration of time and complete the tasks that are suitable for you. The difficulty level for each task will directly correlate to the amount of reward you receive. Thus, players have to work hard to be the character they wish to play.

EXP Training:

Apart from Story EXP, players can also use Training Weights to increase their EXP levels. You get. There’s also a Time Limit option, but this feature is yet to become available.

It is important to note that those in training may still be involved in combat. This means that you do not have to be concerned about losing your best warriors at the start of the game.

Character function:

In real-life comics, most characters tend to increase their power in combat or training. Therefore, there are many ways to increase the power of the characters you choose in Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. Let’s take a look at each basic function.

Story experience:

Story EXP is the easiest way to raise your combat power level. After you have successfully completed any stage or story event, each animated character on your team will receive experience points (EXP). You can do these tasks until the energy runs out.

Learning experience:

In addition to the storytelling experience, you can also use training weights to increase the amount of experience you can gain. There is also a time limit option, but this feature has not yet appeared.

This indicates that the trainee can still participate in the fight. That way, you don’t have to worry too much about losing the strongest fighter in the middle of the game.

Limit breakage:

You can use Limit Breakouts to gain Z energy from the summon or to get rewards to increase the character’s overall strength.

Lifting the soul:

You can also improve your numbers by opening the new Boost bar on the Soul Boost board. Users can unlock new and improved Zeni and Soul panels just by completing the chapters in the story. Souls in the exchange store can exchange rare medals (obtained from searches and the completion of a complete story mission).

Additionally, you can upgrade your characters with the help of opening brand new boost Panels that are available on the Soul Boost board. The players can get new Boost Panels by using Zeni and Soul by completing chapters of the storyline. There are rare medals that can be exchanged (received from quests or complete the story’s test) in exchange for Soul in the Exchange Shop.

Battle against adversaries Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK:

It is essential to see the opponents’ appearance during the match. They will join forces with you in an intense battle, and various advancements are made. They’re all very strong and aggressive opponents. Take on your adversaries, and do not let them take over your foundation. The battle is a blur of fire and smoke, and many obstacles are presented to the players. It is your responsibility to must prevail and make your opponent yield. You can do this by using skilled techniques and spells. Always be vigilant and defend yourself whenever you feel like it. Whatever method your enemy employs to take on the enemy, you will be able to defeat and defeat the evil enemy force.

Dragon Ball Legend MOD Features

  • Supports configuration file enable/disable.
  • MOD One Hit Kill / God Mode.
  • MOD completes all tests.
  • Instant Victory: Stop and return to battle to win immediately.
  • PvE and PvP apply.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a comic book story game that is still very popular today. You can hardly find a similar version. So far, Dragon Ball’s success is undeniable. However, you need to delve deeper into the essence of this story. Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK to give players maximum unlimited support in this exciting battle.

What are the features of MOD?

  • MOD menu [New]
  • Decisive blow
  • Good way
  • All completed tests (testing phase is always complete)
  • Instant victory (press pause and “return to battle” at any time during the battle to win instantly)
  • Work in PvE + PvP

Did you find unlimited crystals MOD Dragon Ball Legend, energy?

There is no such version. All are fake and cannot be used. All the Dragon Ball Legends MOD APKfeatures above are the most accurate.

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Some Important Points

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is packed with a variety of crucial features. For instance, the Story EXP, EXP Training, Limit Breaks, Equipment Soul Boost, and more. They require players to play the game for an extended period to comprehend the details about the features.

Many of the main characters from DRAGON BALL are incredibly powerful and powerful Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. If you happen to have Goku or Vegeta, You will have an advantage in each fight. But, having an elite character in the games is an extremely difficult task.

Furthermore, the characters in the game can use one of two aspects, either a Ranged Type or a Defense Type. Each element can bring distinct impacts to the characters. For instance, if your Defense Type focuses on absorbing injuries and absorbing damage, then it will be able to absorb damage. Defense Type will help the character be stronger during normal attacks.

How do you Install Dragon Ball Legends?

how to download apkfile

Step 1: Download the version of Dragon Ball Legends (APK or MOD) exclusively available at MODDED-1.

Step 2: If you’re using the Android phone, you must allow”Dragonball Legends,” a game “Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK” to access unidentified settings.

Step 3: Open file Dragon Ball Legends_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap Install.

Step 4: After completing the installation After that, the image from “Dragon Ball Legends MOD APKby MOD-1” will pop up. Just click to play the game. I wish you a few moments of a memorable experience.

Note: If installing the MOD does not work, you will just delete it in order in order to install an APK (Bypass). After completing the tutorial, download the MOD version to install.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK for Android

Although Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK has been out for some time now, it is still a hit at the moment. This is a carefully invested game from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc publisher and will definitely provide a lot of fun for players. You can also download the game for free from Google Play, the App Store, and Google Play through a few easy steps. The APK hyperlink in this article is an option.

Final Words

If you believe that Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the sole outstanding game of the popular manga series, you must reconsider. Fans have always loved this Dragon Ball Legends MOD APKbrand, so Bandai Namco always wanted to develop a variety of Dragon Ball versions.

The latest version of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK by Bandai Namco offers an online 1v1 fighting game that is exciting and appealing in real-time. Cards take on the talents that the characters have, meaning you’ll be able to play a variety of different and effective combinations to learn and enjoy amusement with your friends.


Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK Mod is safe because the application was tested on an anti-malware platform, and no virus was detected. The antivirus platform is AOL Active Virus Shield and Avast! AVG, Staple Antivirus, etc. Our anti-malware engine scans and rates software based on quality.
. Our anti-malware engine scans programs and categorizes them based on our criteria. Thus, it’s absolutely safe to download Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK from our website.

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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is an animated film, a comic about the childhood of many generations. Do you like this famous comic? Have you ever considered having the same power as Song Gu, Piccolo? Replaced from the movie, this game debuted at GDC. There are many Dragon Ball games, but few games attract many players. If you think Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best game, maybe Dragon Ball Legends will change its mind.


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