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DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK is a Nintendo DS simulation application developed by Exophase. If you're not aware, Nintendo DS has been Nintendo's most played video game console. Nintendo DS, abbreviated as DS, is a handheld gaming console with two screens (Dual Screen).
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DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK is a Nintendo DS simulation application developed by Exophase. If you’re not aware, Nintendo DS has been Nintendo’s most played video game console.

Nintendo DS, abbreviated as DS, is a handheld gaming console with two screens (Dual Screen). It is a highly regarded video console game released in the United States on November 24, 2004. It features two LCD screens that operate simultaneously, particularly the lower screen, with a built-in touch. You can also choose to control the game using a touch or buttons located on both sides of the screen to play games.

Like GameBoy, the portable gaming console comes with a wireless microphone that can support Wi-Fi so that you can communicate online with other players. The competition for this device can be found in Sony’s PlayStation. To ensure that it doesn’t get left behind by its rivals, Nintendo has now developed the DS for a brand new feature in the launch of its official 3DS gaming device.

DraStic DS is the most downloaded Emulator for Android devices. It offers advanced features that give you the real Nintendo DS games-playing experience, particularly on top-of-the-line devices. With this premium app, you can easily sync all your game progress, specifically with the online Google Drive space, the most secure storage server.

You can also modify the size and arrangement on the DS screen regardless of whether you are in landscape or portrait mode. The benefit of the emulator is that you can also utilize all of the high-resolution options that aren’t found in other software.

Full support Add-on control and a Fast Forward Emulation screen are among the most attractive features from a gamer’s viewpoint. The creator of DraStic Emulator is constantly updating its features to incorporate the most current technology, which has become famous worldwide. Everyone who enjoys playing games with the emulator would like to have this app installed on their devices. The most important aspect is that we can also download this application only after paying the Google Play Store. I am sure that most of you aren’t ready to shell out cash just to purchase an emulator.

To overcome this issue, I’m sharing the most current and reliable DraStic DS Emulator Apk 2022. Follow the link, and I’ll show you how to utilize this emulator of the highest quality to master Nintendo Games.


What is DraStic DS Emulator Apk

Drastic is among the top Nintendo DS emulators available for Android devices. It is extremely speedy and allows users to play a wide variety of Nintendo DS games on their Android devices.

Furthermore, the emulator assists in improving the game’s 3D graphics up to 3 times the resolution of their original. You can also alter the size and placement of the SD screens. Also, you can switch between landscape and portrait modes quite effortlessly.

Another benefit to this emulator is it can work with physical and add-on controllers on devices such as Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play. If you want to play with an external controller when playing your game can do so effortlessly.

This emulator can enhance your gaming experience by providing millions of cheat codes in the database. Sounds Amazing, right? Yes, you can also make cheat codes using this emulator. This feature differentiates it in comparison to other emulators in the Play Store. Here; No need to worry about delays or other problems.

The players can download an impressive collection of games without taking too much storage space since most games are approximately 15-40 MB. The stability and reliability of this program are amazing.

Features of DraStic DS Emulator Apk

With the capability of running high-end games that have premium graphics with no lag, it is an Emulator that has already captured the hearts of each Nintendo gamer. If you’re using another Emulator that plays Nintendo games, I can assure you that DraStic is far superior to any other. You also use this DraStic DS Emulator on your iPhones and Computers.

Improve the 3D graphics of the game

When playing games, the graphics are important, and you must customize the game’s graphics. Adjust it to 2×2 times its original resolution to ensure you have the best experience. After that, you must customize the graphics in those games that you are playing.

Backup of data

One of the greatest attributes of this program is the backup of data feature. This will ensure that you don’t get caught in the next game. In particular, users can also save games onto their DraStic DS Emulator Apk Mod (IOS, Android, and Windows) by clicking the Save State button. It will then be ready to resume anytime you’d like.

Battery conserving

To help make users have a better experience. The developer has also added the most convenient battery-saving feature. So, you can enjoy games for hours on your device without worrying about battery issues.

No ads In DraStic DS Emulator

There are advertisements everywhere, regardless of whether it’s an app or a game. However, we do not forget that they can ruin your experience. We altered this app and eliminated all advertising components from the emulator.

No License Needed

Licensing is the main issue in the simulator because, without a license, you can’t utilize any feature of the DraStic DS Emulator (iPhones, Android, and Windows). However, in this hack version of the Apk, you can also enjoy all features without license keys.

Support Cheat Codes In DraStic DS Emulator

The cheat code you enter will result in a specific outcome within the game, based on the kind of code used in the game. If you’ve played any Pokemon-like game, then you know the cheat codes.

Free To Download

Many people have a deep desire to utilize this app but aren’t able to download it due to its high price. Don’t be worried, fellow the minds of thinkers; you can find the solution to your issue. For you, my dear friend, I’m sharing this modified application that you can download for no cost and access all features with no limitations.

1000+ Cheat Codes

To enhance the gaming experience and assist in making it more enjoyable, we’ve given you hundreds of chart codes. Every game you can play is designed to allow you to easily use cheat codes.


Speed up the performance of your application to speed up your application; they’ve added this feature. There are a few games with boring and long conversations that you can speed up to skip those boring parts.

How do I Install DraStic DS Emulator

how to download apkfile

As stated above, the user must pay a sum of $5 to access this app through Google Play. However, if you don’t want to be losing cash. You can also download this app by clicking the APK hyperlink below this. The installation process is simple and simple to use. Please follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Download the latest version (MOD License Resolved) from DraStic DS Emulator (IOS, Android, and Windows) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on the option for online privacy within the device settings, and let in install unknown apps.

Step 3: Open the file DraStic DS Emulator_MOD_modded-1.com. Tap Install.

Step 4: Hit on the icon on the screen and then use the program immediately.


Download DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK for Android

If you’re a lover of DS games by Nintendo, DraStic DS Emulator MOD APK (IOS, Android, and Windows) is a fantastic choice at the moment. This application will let gamers play almost all of Nintendo’s games on their mobile or tablet. My OldBoy This app does not have games included to play their backups on different platforms.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Many questions are running through your head regarding the DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK. Below, I attempted to address some of the frequently asked queries by users of this wonderful emulator.

Is it safe and legal to make use of this Apk?

Yes, this modified DraStic DS Emulator Apk is 100 100% secure to use. Any mod program I posted on Thinkers is first tested with different types of antivirus that are premium.

Can I keep it for the rest of my life?

Yes, you can use it for life, as it will not ask you to enter a password to activate the license. If you’d like to receive notifications of updates, make sure to bookmark our website.

Do I have to shell out any amount for this high-end app?

There’s no need to. Like I’ve always said that any premium software I posted on Thinkers is free to download. You can download the DraStic DS Emulator without spending one cent.


DraStic DS Emulator (IOS, Android, and Windows) is a fantastic application for those who are fans of the games on the DS. There are many amazing features, but the application does not include advertisements either.

In addition, you can try DamonPS2 PRO, a PS2 emulator that runs on Android. If you have any type questions about installing or using the application, you can leave a comment under the article. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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