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"The Arcana: A Mystic Romance" is an amazing game created through Nix Hydra. The players will take on the role of legendary artists and embark on an exciting journey. It will lead you to the case of murder and will see you struggle through a maze of intrigue. There is romance. This is a romantic tale about love, conspiracies, and mystery.
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23 December 2021
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“The Arcana: A Mystic Romance” is a fantastic game created through Nix Hydra. The players will take on the role of legendary artists and embark on an exciting journey. It will lead you to the case of murder and will see you struggle through a maze of intrigue. There is romance. This is a romantic tale about love, conspiracies, and mystery.

The story behind the game is based on an artist full of myths and legends. Along the way, it will be a chance to encounter the girl who will make him fall in love and have the most romantic and enjoyable time with her.

However, it’s not enough. It will also require our creative genius in a thrilling and terrifying murder investigation. The main character in the murder investigation is constantly fighting for this place with the hearts of fascinating sophisticated, and sophisticated people.

What happens when you combine a creative wizard puzzle?

Each player’s choices will lead to an entirely new story. Are you embracing beauty, or is it caught in a never-ending saga? It is you who will have to make the final decision.



Special Characters And Stories of The Arcana A Mystic Romance

A romantic and captivating story will be a success without the correct characters. Each player can also pick their favorite characters for the story’s protagonists. Thanks to the delicate and realistically depicted characters, the romantic stories of love are now more vibrant.

The game’s fantastic story begins in a magical shop, and our protagonist suddenly forgets who he is. Then, a mysterious figure appears to want to talk to you. However, you are asked to decline. Everyone is, however, intrigued by your story, and you’ve been invited to visit the palace. From this point, you’ll be enticed into a fascinating interactive tale and meet a lot of people on your path to unravel the mystery that lies behind the story. Each character featured in the game is unique and has its challenges; you have to make choices in logical love stories.

Gameplay and Functions

First of all, it’s a free game available on the apple store, and also, it’s possible to play for free of Krypton Gold. The only thing that could impact the game for everyone will be language. The game appears to be solely English. However, some words are not familiar to you. A game has three targets based on love, including the queen and the evil doctor, and the gentle master. You can also choose who to name him, whether a male or a female or even them.

The setting was the early Roman period when magic plague, demons, and plague divination by Tarot and the Colosseum existed. The story starts with the queen, who lost her husband, seeking your help as a diviner. They travel to the palace to locate an unidentified doctor who believes to have killed the King.

The style of painting is stunning and highly distinctive. You can also play the old Roman love game in love to predict fortunes. Thats is the reason that made a lot of players download it. Every one of three goals is adorableness. A lot of people love the doctor the most. The blond and bowknot wig is perfect for the doctor.

Let’s discuss the essential gameplay. As a romantic game, the primary focus is text RPG. If you’re planning to read through chapters and make decisions, We require keys to move through sections. Some choices need gold coins.

There is a mini-game with three levels. In Wheel of Fortune, you can also play daily for no cost. It is possible to visit minor items, collect items and view how the game will play out in bonus. The game of recording the tarot card every day will reward you with gold coins. You can also let the Raiders offer divination for seven consecutive days for free.

The final mini-game is to play dice and exchange affection for postcards. Three times per day, It’s time to battle for your character and test your European spirit. These mini-games are a source of keys and gold coins. The gold coin of five hundred could purchase an entire chapter in the game. The game is full of little surprises and highlights. It is, for instance, based on the color of the name on the dialogue box of certain characters that are rich. There are six kinds of Q-type versions of the tiny creatures that play the dice during the miniature game.

In collecting items that unlock the bonus plot, The effects that come with the burning seal and the profiles of six characters are also interactive.


Arcana MOD APK Features

Extra In-Games and Purchases

Lucky Roulette Wheel, available for free daily, allows players to earn money and magic props to gather a specific amount of support that will unlock the little stories, such as Lady Nadia’s birthday celebration and many more. In the Tarot section, you will get five gold coins each day. You can also get the Tarot’s predictions for free for seven days, accurate horoscopes. The third game is the thrilling Heart Hunter. The game is a fun way to gather six characters.

The letter contains an intriguing message. It is possible to get rewards for collecting specific postcards. The cost of money is high. Perhaps because of a challenging task. Is it possible to buy 100 gold for $5, but 1000 turns out to be $ 55? What happens when I purchase more? The manufacturer may have been mistaken in judging this particular item. You also Play The Arcana A Mystic Romance on your computers and iPhones. 


unlimited cash and unlock all premium moves

The time has come to explore the first and legendary aspect of The Arcana A Mystic Romance MOD APK! In essence, the game offers you a no-cost gaming interface similar to the official version. However, within the same framework, the game also grants the player unlimited money! You are likely contemplating the insanity of cash in a narrative-based game, aren’t you?

Money is an essential element in this game because you cannot unlock the additional chapter maps without cash. Additionally, it contains 20 chapters from the 21 Major Arcana Tarot cards, and there’s no way to earn money in the game. This is why, even though it’s the official version, you could install The Arcana A Mystic Romance MOD APK (phones, Windows, and Android) and get free money that won’t stop forever. Enjoy it!!


No online advertisements on The Arcana A Mystic Romance

The new version is the most feature-rich and offers the most optimal experience for your game. The Arcana  A Mystic Romance MOD APK (IOS, Android, and PCs) is a fantastic gaming experience, which is entirely free of any online ads. You can now enjoy the game while online without fearing one single Google advertisement!

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Interactive Love Stories of The Arcana A Mystic Romance 

The designs are in 2D, as it’s like an animated comic. Your character is adorned with light-hearted horror animations. But, male characters have stunning and attractive features. Female characters are a mixture of Middle Eastern and Asian beauty cultures. If you haven’t noticed, Arkana is the common name used for the basic cards in the Tarot deck. The characters you own are mystical, just like the cards. In reality, the game can also influence the tarot cards, and the horoscopes can reveal the protagonist’s fate. The players must be able to discern the clues within the narrative.


Classic romance

Presently, The Arcana A Mystic Romance is the most romantic dating game currently played on the mobile platform featuring 21 episodes inspired from the 21 Tarot Major Arcana cards, six main characters, and additional minor characters. The love that is featured in The Arcana is inherently sex-free. It can be male or female, or perhaps it’s a profoundly LGBT relationship, each with its unique mix of character, empathy, or romantic frequencies that allow you to feel for each character fully.


Extra Mini-Games and Purchases

The lucky roulette can also spin once per day at no cost and can provide magical props and money. You can collect a specific number of additional items that can be used to tell some little stories, for example, the birthday gift from Lady Nadia and the like. In the Tarot area, you’ll get five gold coins each day. You can also get the free tarot prediction in seven days, actual divination.

A third version of the game can also blast and exciting, dubbed Heart Hunter. The game is a minor one that allows you to find postcards that belong to six characters that you can send to you. The letters carry messages for you to read, which are fascinating. You can also get rewards for specific postcards.

It is expensive to spend money, possibly due to the tough competition. You can purchase 100 gold-plated coins at $5. However, 1,000 gold coins turn into $55? Purchase more, and the price of the unit increases? Perhaps the game creator is making a mistake in this particular item.


Designs and Graphics

Main Page Of The Arcana A Mystic Romance

The prologue will take place at the starting of the match. Once the prologue is finished, it will be a six-person group. The characters each have their personality traits. However, they are all adorable!

The key located in the top right-hand corner will allow you to start the chapter. The cash can unlock a variety of exciting possibilities. The key must refill each day. If you’d like to earn extra money, then you may as well watch commercials. Additionally, you can collect some money that will not impact the result.


Initial Page Of The Arcana A Mystic Romance

The painting style is elegant, and we can discern that it is an exotic story of the power of magic. There are a variety of main characters that are depicted. The main character (gender or name unimportant) has a magic wand from Vesuvius. He has opened a small store.

There is one master, known as Asra, who is the character that appears in the middle in the center of the film. Three years ago, there was a disease in Vesuvia. Many people perished, as did you (the main character), and many others suffered memory loss.

At the beginning of this story, the queen has invited you to her palace. It is your job to unravel the mystery of the count’s death. Your search for the plague doctor who was suspected of being the murderer.


How to Install The Arcana MOD APK on Android?

how to download apkfile

The first step is to make sure that you delete all older versions of the game on your computer. Go to settings, select security, then select Enable Sources You do Not know Sources(just in case the installation does not begin).

The modified APK file used for this application is straightforward to install. Here are some steps to install the application on Android devices.

  • Click the download button below to download.
  • The download will take a while to complete, Then start it up
  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Follow the directions within the.
  • Once it’s installed correctly, you can start enjoying the many features that come with this app.



Arcana is an enjoyable game. Arcana A Mystic Romance is a fun game. While the story isn’t too complicated, we see it as moral work. We’re hoping the producers could draw more elaborate scenes, but this is excellent. It doesn’t require the highest level of English to enjoy the show, and you don’t need Krypton Gold. The six characters are hilarious.

The game is notable for its fantastic storyline and surprises. Every character is a force of nature and perfect showcase designs that appeal to players from all age groups. Why not enjoy this awesome game?

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