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World Conqueror 3 MOD APK - is a global strategy game that spans three epochs in modern history. The player controls one of the 50 countries in the game, staffing the army and leading it into combat.
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World Conqueror 3 MOD APK [Unlimited Medals, Everything] – is a global strategy game that spans three epochs in modern history. The player controls one of the 50 countries in the game, staffing the army and leading it into combat.

The user will participate in large-scale wars and affect the direction of world history if they choose one of the three military campaigns. This will aid him in training all types of troops. Tactical thinking and the discovery of new technologies necessary to create a quantum jump in creating weapons and equipment that will be the deciding factor in the conflicts.


Information About World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

App Name World Conqueror 3 MOD APK
Developed By EasyTech
Latest Version v1.5.0
Size 72 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Medals, MOD Unlocked
Worldwide Downloads 100 Million+
Root Required? No
Platform Android
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Game Overview

At the point when in secondary school, everybody has absolutely learned about World War I and II. It is, at this point, not an odd subject, and as a result of it, the world has today’s request. In “World Conqueror 3: World War II”, players will turn into the authority of the country they pick and lead their military to overcome the world. Legitimate reasoning and special systems are expected while playing the game, yet, the main thing is to feel loose and appreciate it.

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

In this game, players will encounter World War II, the Cold War, and Modern Warfare and can feel like they are really at war. The course of events and the air are genuine that players know what being in World War II is like. You can definitely relax, assuming you don’t know anything about the conflict. This game will give some helpful information about it! Do you feel energized at this point? We should check out a few striking elements of the game!

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK Features

Historical Campaigns

As the commander of more than 250 army states. Your historical campaign will consist of 150 military tasks that can only be completed utilizing the techniques and tactics regarded as building blocks for success.

The only way to win this game is to use all the methods you’ve learned and put them into action on time. This will ensure that you win the battle.


The game isn’t just about battles and wars; you may also commerce in your country’s ports, such as arms trade, to buy more powerful and string weapons for your army.

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

Maps for Video Games

Flat map: In Conquer World mode, this map is used. It shows you the forces’ alignment, the density of army dispersion, the nations’ current zones of influence, and, most significantly, who the commander-general of each area is. This is crucial information for you to utilize while directing your soldiers and selecting whether or not to ally with or confront someone on the globe.

Vanquish World and Military Career modes both utilize a geological guide. You can follow the advancement of each battle by taking a gander at the geology on the guide, noticing the foe’s bearing, anticipating the foe’s arrangement, and afterward giving the right order for your unit.

A Glorious military incident 

The World Conqueror 3 MOD APK game stage is perhaps the most reasonable decision if you are a tactical devotee. Our game unites every one of the military-related components genuinely. While partaking in the experience of this game, each player will have a shocking outlook on the components that this game brings.

Our technology will set up 32 different historical campaigns in their entirety. Each historical campaign is large-scale combat that has taken place worldwide. These campaigns will have three different levels of difficulty, each of which will be appropriate for the objectives and campaigns in question.

You’ll go through all 150 military missions, each with its own feelings. These missions are likewise extremely difficult tasks that you must complete. You’ll take part in five highly difficult and intense challenge modes. This is the place where you can demonstrate your military-leading abilities.

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

In these modes, we provide you with 45 of the hardest difficulties of all time. These are the tactical difficulties reenacted in universal conflicts in earlier hundreds of years. In this way, these difficulties’ forceful and strenuous nature is critical, requiring all players to have the greatest scope of military information and abilities. Also, you need to deal with advancing your bosses and mastering new encounters and abilities.

Through the esteemed Military Academy on the planet, you can undoubtedly employ commanders from this spot to enlist in your military to expand your solidarity. Moreover, you will perform missions for notorious urban areas from one side of the planet to the other. This is one of the extremely extraordinary and energizing things this game brings.

You should perform successfully and complete every allocated task. Additionally, you can likewise participate in managing brokers at important ports. Furthermore, every player participating in this game can construct many worlds, ponders, and investigate the huge universe.

Military Service

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK is about your military career as the commander of various armies from various countries.

Your mission will be to complete all of the duties that have been allocated to you. As the military commander, you will be responsible for completing them all.

Scripts that are both different and exciting

Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, and Conquer 1960 are four separate scripts from different eras. Because world patterns change over time, each year’s generals, weapons, and circumstances are unique. Players can choose from various sides and countries to earn various awards. In terms of generals, resources, and troop strength, each country is ranked with three stars, with three highest and one lowest.

Player Review

👍This game is good when you learn how to play and use your troops to your advantage. Exciting campaign with multiple seasons (including foreign attacks). It’s also fun to conquer part of the world because you can buy almost any country on the map. However, there is something to be desired. The artificial intelligence of this game, friendly or inconvenient, is simply stupid. If the enemy has enough artificial intelligence, he will always send mock parachutes.

👍It was a good match. I love technology so much. However, I hope that you will be able to coordinate attacks with your partners because it is very difficult to confront the country alone. Supporters of her cause have worked to ensure that a transcript of this statement is available online. I hope you can choose the difficulty level because some big countries are very difficult. I noticed that the generals came from the same place.

👍Benefits A fun 1-player game that you can play the way you like. It’s also difficult. Cons: I was a little confused because there aren’t many tutorials. You don’t know how to improve your headquarters, you don’t know how to improve the game, you don’t know how to improve technology or the city, and you don’t know the exact role of different departments.

Technological Weapons

The game is stacked with the most exceptional innovative weapons from military to maritime base and sir base. Each military will be stacked and have the most advanced weapons ever to the client.

Auto Battle

With AL, you can begin an auto-clash of your armada once you tap on auto-fight AI to start it. Without your commitment, your military will battle against your adversary without your connection.

How to Install World Conqueror 3 MOD APK on Android?

how to download apkfile

Above all else, try to erase any past adaptation of this game introduced on your gadget. Then go to settings, security, and then Enable Unknown Sources (on the off chance that the establishment doesn’t start).

The mod APK record for this application is exceptionally simple to introduce. The following are a couple of steps to introduce this application on Android gadgets.

  1. To download, click the download button below.
  2. Before you open it, wait for it to finish downloading.
  3. Install the app on your Android device.
  4. Follow all of the directions on the inside.
  5. Once the application has been properly installed, start it up and make use of all of its amazing features.

How can I put World Conqueror 3 MOD APK on my computer?

Installing World Conqueror 3 MOD APK on a PC is extremely simple. You can utilize either Bluestacks or NOX Player to do as such. This is how you get it going.

1. To start with, download and introduce the Bluestacks player, an android emulator that can be utilized to run any portable application on a PC.

2. After you’ve introduced the emulator, go to our site and download the mod APK.

2. Subsequent to presenting the emulator, you ought to download the mod APK from our site.

3. After downloading, you want to execute the document or snap on “Import From Windows” for establishment purposes.

4. After establishment, click on the send-off button, and you are all set.

Frequently Asked Questions About World Conqueror 3 MOD APK

How would you step up in World Conqueror 3 MOD APK?

To step up, you should achieve a mission, otherwise called a crusade battle. Notwithstanding matter whether you win or lose, you gain insight as you win more battles. With each level procured and the strength of your HQ expanding, you can utilize or assign more administrators who will be significant later on.

What do pro powers do in World Conqueror 3 MOD APK?

Marshal Zhukov shows the strategy of Ace Forces at the Frunze Military Academy. Because of having the capacity, your Units will rank up quicker. This capacity is accessible to you immediately. You will step up in the end, and Ace Forces will assist you with accelerating the cycle.

In World Conqueror 3, how do you gain generals?

In-game purchases can only be used to acquire three special generals. United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Germany’s Manstein, and Russia’s Zhukov (Soviet Union). Commanders can only enhance a certain amount of units at a time. By tapping on the blue “symbol,” you may see it beside the commander’s numbers.

In World Conqueror 3 MOD APK, how do you unlock wonders?

In certain circumstances, wonder can be released and then recreated. Once it has been reconstructed, the wonder’s effects will continue perpetually. In only 65 turns, the Allies completed the 1943 Conquest. In 80 turns or less, wresting control of the world from the Axis.


World Conqueror 3: World War II Mod APK is undoubtedly one of the most worth playing procedure games. Because of its charming substance and eye-getting illustrations, “World Conqueror 3’s” fan base is developing further and greater. Although it requires shrewd procedures, players can unwind and partake in the game without anyone else or with companions following a difficult day.


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